Byron Bay, Linocut, gouache on japanese rice paper, 1991

Well, have now decided to join an “Art Scavenger Hunt”.  This consists of you receiving a list of things and within a certain time period you need to sketch as many of those things as possible.  Sounds pretty full on but the benefits are good because  it gets me off my butt to actually start drawing again.

So this week I am going to give it a go and will post my sketches in the next post.

Meanwhile, the image in this post is of one of my favourite linocuts done in the early nineties – yes, a while ago, but I still really love it.

I was on holidays at a friends, Mum’s place.  These geese were on the property and they were just interesting to watch and draw.  I love how art makes you stop, look and just appreciate a moment in time.  This mage has no special art theories, complicated messages or high-end art speak about it, it’s just meant to be something to make you stop, look and enjoy.


~ by minimasterpieces on April 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “Motivation”

  1. Great Linocut! Love the composition!

  2. i love the linocut – are you selling prints? hope to see more of your work soon

  3. Beautiful linocut! The scavenger hunt is a cool idea. Be sure to show us the results.

  4. I like the linocut – I agree… simply makes you stop and admire! Looking forward to seeing the scavenger hunt sketches. Enjoy the hunt!

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