On the Hunt

•May 6, 2010 • 2 Comments
Stefanie Vianello Energizing

pencil on paper, 2010

Well have managed to do one drawing during this Scavenger Hunt.  It is seriously a miracle that I got one done. However, I am determined to continue moving forward and here it is…

One of the themes was “energizing” and I drew this little light bulb.  Not too bad for a first serious drawing in almost two years. 

I really enjoyed doing  it, in between cooking dinner, managing children and balancing work…I had forgotten how much fun drawing was.  It is such an important skill for an artist to maintain.  It was tricky leaving the lightbulb set up on the dining room table though, people kept moving it trying to tidy up or put it somewhere safe, which gave me a lot of practice at resetting the still life ahh…the artist’s life always has its challenges doesn’t it!!!

Am almost finished a new edition of lino cuts so will post those soon as well.



•April 22, 2010 • 4 Comments

Byron Bay, Linocut, gouache on japanese rice paper, 1991

Well, have now decided to join an “Art Scavenger Hunt”.  This consists of you receiving a list of things and within a certain time period you need to sketch as many of those things as possible.  Sounds pretty full on but the benefits are good because  it gets me off my butt to actually start drawing again.

So this week I am going to give it a go and will post my sketches in the next post.

Meanwhile, the image in this post is of one of my favourite linocuts done in the early nineties – yes, a while ago, but I still really love it.

I was on holidays at a friends, Mum’s place.  These geese were on the property and they were just interesting to watch and draw.  I love how art makes you stop, look and just appreciate a moment in time.  This mage has no special art theories, complicated messages or high-end art speak about it, it’s just meant to be something to make you stop, look and enjoy.

The First Master Piece

•April 9, 2010 • 7 Comments

You know when you say to yourself, “One day I am going to do this or One day when I get time, I’m going to do that”, I have been having an “I’m going to…” conversation with myself for quite a while…until a month ago.

For my birthday my family decided to give me a domain name in the hope that I will eventually walk the talk and re-establish my art practice by setting up a website to promote and sell my works.  I was thrilled that they had done this but now I feel like I am in the middle of the stage, the spotlight is on and the crowd is waiting – sounds quite self indulgent really but that is the reason for my blog.

A – it is my Jiminy Cricket and will ensure that I actually do something

B- writing about the experience will allow me to get some perspective about the whole process

C – hopefully sharing my experiences will encourage people to engage with art on some level either by exploring their creativity, visiting a gallery or buying an art work (not necessarily mine, but that would be nice)